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1.Instruction of [pre-registration] Instruction of [pre-registration]
Query clinic schedule
Cancelling an appointment
Query an appointment
2.Instruction of [query clinic schedule] Instruction of [query clinic schedule]
3.Instruction of [cancelling an appointment] Instruction of [cancelling an appointment]
4.Instruction of [query an appointment] Instruction of [query an appointment]
5.總院區診間看診狀態查詢 The examination room to see the doctor status query new

The hospital will not ask you to pay, or collect refunds, or make any kind of monetary transfers from your bank account either electronically or by phone. Please call (03)826-3152, if you have any questions.
.All patients who think that they may have a fever are strongly advised to take their temperature and wear a mask.
in-person registration is available for the first-time patients.
No online registration is available on the day a patient is to see a doctor. Please register in person. Check the clinic schedule for in-person registration hours.     
Check privacy setting if隱私權設定shows up in the lower right-hand corner of the browser.